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Marcus watched in horror as his mother was being kissed passionately by Panther who walked up to him and said "Hello, Panther's you're new daddy!" before punching him in the face.
Panther's shirt read "Q-Games" Marcus began crying as he held his muzzle in pain running outside as Krystal yelled at him "What the hell did you do that for Panther?"
He turned a struck her across the face "My name's not really Panther-it's Dylan Cubert-head of Q-Games, and from now on your my b*tch!"
Dylan hired one of the worst artist's imaginable to draw a picture of Marcus which they put on the news-people were so scared that they shot him in the face when they saw him.
PantherxKrystal fans laughed at him and kicked him in the gut, before more arrived wearing all white with a black top hot and a black star over one eye and said "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like a wee-freak!" he took out a cane and struck Marcus across the face with it "PantherxKrystal forever, a**hole!"
Just then a copy of Krystal appeared in gothic clothes, "Mommy?" she stomped on his gut "No! It's Kursed! Emo fans and fanboys like me because I'm a slut, for Panther, Wolf, Oikkony, and Tricky to gang rape!” She then took out a dagger and began slitting her wrists as she spit on Marcus.
A bigger, fatter Krystal appeared eating a chocolate ice cream bar, Marcus held his stomach in pain "Mommy-my tummy hurts!" she looked down at him quizzicly and said with a mouth full of chocolate "Food?" bfore picking him up and biting his shoulder, after a few minutes she let go and spit the shoulder fur she tore out in Marcus' face before joinning The PantherxKrystal gang, Kursed, and Dylan Cubert as they laughed at the tormented, crying Marcus.
Next, there was blue cat that merely took out her claws and scratched Marcus across the face leaving claw marks and joinning the others.
There was a version of Krystal in a bikini that slapped Marcus across the face making him cry harder "W-why did you do that...?" he sobbed.
“Because," she replied "I'm a feminist, lesbian, pornstar, that hates men-that little boy-is why you must die!"
Then another Krystal that was created by Q-games who suffered from split peersonality syndrome looking like she was made out of clay shouted! I AM RUNNING OFF WITH PANTHER AND THE REST OF STARWOLF! I LOVE YOU! I HATE YOU!
Marcus shouted angrily "You're not my mommy! You're all very bad people!” They all laughed before advancing on Marcus to give him another beating.
One more joined in with a swastica on her shoulder "I'm Nazi Krystal! I represent all of these other Krystal's!”

Marcus tried hitting her to get away because he could sense she was pure evil

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